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The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

As a famous art dealer, Sarah traveled the world regularly to meet with independent collectors, businesses and prestigious hotels. Her name is at the top of the list in all the right circles and revered by international art directors worldwide. But as much s she is in the elite social circles with friends in San Francisco, New York, Miami and Switzerland, her life is not perfect. Something is missing. The simple fact is she is lonely.

Each year, Sarah heads to Las Vegas for an annual As her annual trip to Las Vegas approached, Sarah began making plans by contacting her favorite girl Sybil in the Trump Attaché department to make some arrangements: fresh cut flowers, massage and facial at The Spa at Trump Hotel and a couple of shows. When Sarah jokingly commented about not having a date, Sybil discreetly mentioned that she should contact Cowboys 4 Angels. Before Sarah had a chance to ask about this male companion service, an important call came through and she had to go.

That evening, she sat down with her laptop and a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace and searched Cowboys 4 Angels, Las Vegas Male Escorts. Her curiosity piqued as she navigated to the Vegas escorts where almost immediately Jax jumped off the page and right into her proverbial lap. This handsome hunk of a male escort seemed to fill a void even before she could read his biography. As gorgeous, fit and worldly as he was, Sarah sensed an aura of boy next door. Maybe he could do her massage instead of the spa! But first, she would have to contact this male escort agency to ensure that Jax was indeed available during her trip.

male escort 300x208 The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

Any hesitation she felt disappeared immediately when her phone call was greeted by the sexiest, friendliest male voice. Could her experience with this elite male escort service have already begun? Sure enough, Jax was available for an evening of dining and entertainment. Owner and CEO, Garren James, ensured a seamless arrangement of the details – i.e., dining at her favorite restaurant, Alizé and, of course, dessert. Sarah was thrilled with anticipation at the thought of meeting this handsome Las Vegas hunk. More importantly, she was thrilled with herself for stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking a chance.

Little did Sarah know, she was in for the boyfriend experience of a lifetime. When Jax arrived at the door of her hotel suite, she was smitten. There stood the hottest male escort a woman could ever lay her eyes on. Her attraction only increased as she caught a whiff of his cologne – a musky scent with hints of sandalwood and vanilla. There is nothing better than a man who smells divine! Well, maybe. This male companion was going to drive her insane before they even had a proper introduction? Then he delivered a greeting that stopped time dead in its tracks. Sarah thought she had died and gone to heaven right then and there. Jax smiled ever so charmingly and presented a colorful bouquet of flowers.

IMG 8740 200x300 The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

Sarah had lit a few candles and put on some soft music. They stood on the balcony overlooking the Vegas strip and got to know one another, all while his hand casually caressed hers. Sarah found herself tingling. This worldly woman felt like she was in high school all over again as butterflies stormed her stomach. She lingered on his every word for conversation with him was so easy, as if they had known each other for years, not minutes.

As Jax stood to refill their wine glasses, Sarah couldn’t help but notice the definition and strength of his muscles and his amazing washboard abs, obvious signs of his fitness. His skin was smooth and tanned, beckoning her touch. Something inside came to life on physical and spiritual levels. Jax leaned over and softly whispered in her ear that they’d better go before missing their dinner reservation. Dinner? She has almost completely forgotten about their reservations. She doubted there would be any room for a meal with the butterflies occupying her stomach. But then Jax launched into a humorous story that soon had her laughing, disarming any anxiety she had. Off to dinner they went.

O0A1851FINALweb 200x300 The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

The rest of the evening was nothing less than superb. As they dwelled over romantic conversation, flirting with each other and laughing about little nothings, Sarah felt on top of the world. After dinner, they wandered the strip looking at all of the attractions. The fountains at the Bellagio were mesmerizing as Sarah snuggled into Jax. He suggested that they complete the evening over a nightcap in her hotel suite. The night air was thick with heat while they sipped the chilled wine and indulged in some dark chocolates. The wine and chocolate combined like an aphrodisiac, increasing Sarah anticipation. As they looked down at the strip, Jax pulled her close and the damp, humid night paled in comparison to what Sarah was feeling. As he leaned in, all of the lights and the rest of Vegas faded to black.

While you may want to know what happened between Sarah and Jax, you’ll have to book your own appointment to truly understand and experience the detailed attention of our elite straight male escorts. Until then, let your imagination finish the story.