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We know you know how handsome, educated, and charming our Cowboys are one-on-one, but did you know they are multi-talented and can double as Male Stripper entertainment for a group, too? That’s right ladies. If you’re not ready to take the plunge for a private session, why not call on us to help with your next bachelorette party, hen party, birthday celebration, divorce celebration, house warming party, etc.  Heck, who needs a reason other than ‘just because’ to dish up awesome entertainment for you and your girlfriends. If you need good looking, sexy, talented entertainment, we’ve got the men for you.

Screen Shot 2016 08 05 at 12.44.10 PM 300x213 Get Your Male Strippers HereIf you need us to spell out how Cowboys 4 Angels Male Strippers can provide some sizzle for you in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, City, Miami, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, or anywhere else you desire, then read on.

 “S” is for Sizzling Striptease. Your Cowboys 4 Angels Male Stripper will come into the room with a flirtatious look on his face, like he’s ready for fun. He’ll greet all of the attendees and then started to dance. His moves are hot. He clearly has talent. He also possesses incredible poise over his art form of a body. He’ll slowly lifted his tight-fitting black t-shirt and reveal some of his glistening skin. He’ll dance some more and undo his jeans…. You and your friends and will barely be able to stand the build-up of excitement over his sensual striptease. You will definitely be amped up.

“T” is for Tight Abs-olutely Everything. Our men dedicate themselves to everything fitness. Every muscle has definition. His abs, his ass, and his additional parts…are cut. You can take turns dancing next to him and feel his hard body press against you.

“R” is for Refreshingly Respectful. While our men will definitely welcome you to join their moves, they will clearly be able to sense if a couple of your friends are more reluctant and reserved (but only at the outset, of course). They will slowly court them and made them feel comfortable before approaching them for more interaction. By the end, those friends will be stealing away moments with our man and begging for more.

 “I” is for Intimate. Our Cowboys 4 Angels Male Strippers will treat you to a private show, with close-knit ambiance. The whole vibe will make you feel connected to him. You can sit on his lap or closely nestle next to him. He’ll get to know you and steal away some quiet moments. Like a beautiful garden in the middle of a bustling city, spending time with our Cowboy will be a welcome retreat from the frenzy outside. You’ll want to hire a Cowboys 4 Angels male escort for your own private date!

“P” is for Professional. You can call some random man who strips or you can call the professionals from Cowboys 4 Angels instead. Our owner, Garren James, will guide you to the perfect man to fit your needs. We offer so many incredible men, that your imagination can run wild and you might have trouble choosing. That’s the best part. The dance doesn’t have to end when the music stops.

“P” is for Perfect Package. Our men have everything going for them – gleaming eyes, stunning facial structure, a chiseled body, and a sweet personality. They are chivalrous yet funny, smart, witty, a great listener at all the right moments, and an excellent conversationalist during the other moments. They’ll provide not only a complete stripper event but also whet your appetite for more because they’ll give you a taste of the ultimate “boyfriend experience,” which is so unique to Cowboys 4 Angels. You’ll be simultaneously satiated, but also wanting more.

“E” is for Erotic Entertainment! Bottom-line: it’s just hot. The city has a lot of fun things to offer. Some of them are risky. Others are delicious. Still others are cool (such as parties by a chic hotel pool). But hiring one of the Cowboys 4 Angels Male Strippers? It’s just plain hot.

“R” is for Riveting Conversation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our Cowboys 4 Angels Male Strippers actually give each of you individualized attention. They can converse on a variety of topics and navigate the various personalities and interests of the attendees. They’ll listen to your friends chat about shopping, sports, theater, life as a banker, work as a teacher, issues with boyfriends, and exciting vacation plans. They’ll even delve into the naughty ideas you want to share. Anything is game. They are, personally, very interesting, with a background in business, a fondness for sports and meditation, and an appreciation of fine cuisine. Your chance to learn some insight about your performer will feel like “VIP access” after the show!

is for SEXY…. Whether as part of the show, or in a more private, intimate moment, our men just ooze sexy. You will be the single focus of their attention, which will make you feel sexy too.

There you have it. We’ve just spelled out how the Cowboys 4 Angels Male Strippers are the best. So what are you waiting for?  Round up your gal pals for a fun-filled night with our male dancers or book us for an upcoming event you are planning. We’d love to entertain you!