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St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  Have you got your green on?  Want to make all of your friends green with envy.

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BradleyLords 9 199x300 Get Lucky With a Male EscortWith a diverse, delectable array of males to choose from, you will crave an entirely new kind of box of chocolates once you see what our straight male companions have to offer. So many options to choose from. It’s enough to make you tingle! You can be treated like an angel for an hour, two hours, overnight, a week, or longer. No matter what, Cowboys 4 Angels will make any experience unforgettable.

Whether you have a high profile event or desire something smaller and more intimate, we can cater to your every need. Think fine food and wine, your inhibitions ever-so-slightly loosened and an endlessly array of activity options. Could the night get any better? Though the idea that a date can romance nearly any woman with a multitude of interests seems impossible, it is actually true. The finest straight male companions in the world have no problem doing this because they focus on being charming and attentive. It’s not about us. It’s really all about YOU!

Ash Gigiolos 214x300 Get Lucky With a Male EscortLooking for a well-traveled, intellectual man who still carries a boyish, sport-loving, hunky side, then maybe Bradley is your cup of tea? Or maybe you’re looking for a hunky licensed massage therapist who is into the tantric and sensual arts like Ash. He can untangle those knots (and any inhibitions you might have). Maybe you want a bad boy martial artist who knows his way around the ring and the business world, like Nick. Or perhaps you want the sensitive, skilled and well-traveled Vin, who has that “special something” about him. No matter who you choose, you’re guaranteed an amazing time. It’s our expertise!

The men I have listed are just four from our stable of gorgeous, accomplished men. They all have different looks, different backgrounds, different skills, and different hobbies, but no matter who you choose, their singular focus will be you and your satisfaction.

Nick Hawk 300x300 Get Lucky With a Male EscortIf you’ve watched the Gigolos series, you know some of the situations our men have dealt with. Funny, tender and interesting situations abound. If you haven’t watched yet, then you absolutely need to check it out! Ropes and a whip? Check. Blindfold? Check. Boxing ring? Check. Monkey? Check. Art? Check. Advice? Check. No matter the situation, it’s all in a day’s work for these elite male companions. And you can feel like a complete voyeur watching.

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