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Finding New Hope With a Male Escort

Experienced as she was with relationships and meeting men, Serena found herself facing many lonely nights since her breakup nearly a year ago. Even the most amicable of divorces are emotionally and financially taxing, especially after so many years.

Needless to say, Serena’s life had been in a bit of a quandary for a while and her co-workers noticed the difference in her business interactions. With her two daughters heading off to college soon, Serena was having difficulty coping with so many life changes. Approaching 49, the thought of living life mostly alone was more than she could bear. A glass of her favorite wine soothed the discomfort at times, but the desire to curl up with a good book or hit the spa was not exactly the same as the intimate nurturing that comes from sharing time with a romantic boyfriend.

A male escort was the furthest thing from her mind until she noticed something in her Twitter stream that caused her to pause. One Friday evening during happy hour, Serena sipped a dirty martini while perusing the internet on her cell phone. She noticed that several of her single girlfriends were following the same account called Cowboys 4 Angels. The account sported a smoking hot avatar that made her squirm in her seat. Perhaps it was the aphrodisiac effect of the martini but warm, tantalizing thoughts filled her body just from the image of the hot male hunk. Thoughts shot through her like a bolt of lightning causing an epiphany. Perhaps she should check them out.

Fabio 13 200x300 Finding New Hope With a Male EscortPerhaps a little professional male companionship would fill the current void. Browsing through the Cowboys 4 Angels male companion service photos, she immediately noticed Fabio who had a striking air of mystique which she found most attractive. His international background appealed to her. At the same time, she got a strong sense of familiarity just looking at his images, almost as if she had met him before. And then she recalled a group of male strippers that had entertained her best friend’s bachelorette party the year before. No. It couldn’t be possible! Surprising even herself, she picked up the phone and booked a date with Fabio before she could talk herself out of it.

This gorgeous straight male companion seemed to walk right out of Condé Nast Traveler and right into Serena’s world. From the romantic city of Paris, this Latin/French hunk had all the culture of a well-traveled, elite male escort. But when he spoke, she practically melted from his accent and grounded approach to life. Forbidden thoughts invaded her mind just as Fabio took her hand to his lips in the most old-fashioned of courting gestures, and Serena was completely enthralled.

This Adonis represented Los Angeles’ finest in male companionship. As they sipped wine and got to know one another, Serena developed an alternative agenda. What she really wanted to do more than anything was capture this handsome hunk of a companion for an extended weekend of skiing in Vail, Colorado. Just as she was devising her plan, Fabio suggested that they take a stroll on the beach. How romantic! He escorted her out the door, and arm in arm they walked, talking about many things as the passion continued to build.

Fabio 6 240x300 Finding New Hope With a Male EscortSerena couldn’t recall the last time she had laughed so much for Fabio was quite witty. If there was a barometer to measure a rise in womanly worth, hers would have been off the charts. As they walked, the past disappeared and the future faded for no direction was necessary. Just being together sparked an indescribable ecstasy that washed over them like an elusive spell. Finally, Fabio put his arm around Serena as they approached a bench near the water’s edge.

Feeling like a school girl, Serena closed her eyes and slowly inhaled the crisp winter air as Fabio leaned toward her as electric currents of desire fired a chemistry that Serena had never known. If this engagement was meant as an introduction, what on earth would a rendezvous bring? After this boyfriend of a male companion experience, no other man could possibly compare.

As the evening came to a close, Fabio accompanied Serena back to her home as they discussed details of a romantic adventure and ski-filled weekend in Vail. In fact, the attraction was so strong that the getaway elevated to the following weekend and plans were set.

Fabio 10 200x300 Finding New Hope With a Male EscortThat evening, Serena contacted her personal secretary to make arrangements for the exciting weekend. As she retired for the evening, she settled in thinking about what lay ahead of her next weekend. It is safe to assume that Serena rested better that evening than she had in years. She indeed felt like a new woman, thanks to Fabio.