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Exploring Miami With a Male Escort

Joanna closed her portfolio as she looked across at her clients. This was her moment, and she breathed evenly as she took it all in.  After six long months brokering this deal, everything was complete. They had just signed the documents making their IT partnership official, and both companies would gain a great deal in market share by working together. Standing, she shook each of their hands.

“Gentlemen, it will be a pleasure doing business with you,” she said.

In the car on the way to the hotel, she calls her secretary. She tells her that the meeting is over and everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

“I’m going to stay here in Miami an extra day,” says Joanna. “I really need to decompress a little after working on this deal for so long, and I’m not ready to come back to the cold of New York City just yet. I’m going to revel in the moment just a bit more.”

Back in her room, she kicked off her heels and laid across the bed. It felt so good to relax! Now to figure out what to do in Miami. She knew just how to handle that task. She had a male escort agency she used for important events in New York, and they just happened to have men here in Miami as well. How lucky can she be?! She reached for her phone and dialed the Cowboys 4 Angels number. This would be just what she needed.

Michael 6 300x225 Exploring Miami With a Male EscortAs Joanna soaked in the tub, she dreamed about her rendezvous tonight.  Michael is the picture of perfection – tall, gorgeous, chiseled, buff perfection. At 6’1”, he is tall enough to be commanding for her 5’6” frame, and that is just what Joanna wants. For a change, she does not want to be the one in charge.

The knock at the door made Joanna’s heart race. When she opened the door, the sight of Michael took her breath away. He was even better than she anticipated. His smile and sparkling emerald green eyes completely disarmed her as he extended a flower in greeting.

They headed out for dinner at “Versailles” Restaurant, just west of the Little Havana neighborhood. Although the famous restaurant’s name seems to indicate the food inside will be predominantly French, it actually serves wonderful Cuban food! Conversation flowed easily as they got acquainted with each other and enjoyed some savory, traditional Cuban dishes. When Michael asks what she wants to do tonight, Joanna responds, “I want you to be in charge. I don’t want to make any decisions. I just want to be taken care of.”

“Whatever you desire, my lady. I can easily do that.”

After dinner, they went to Story, a nightclub where they can both let loose. Joanna felt the thump of the electronic beat through her entire body. Michael’s toned physique becomes even more apparent to Joanna as they are pressed up against each other, dancing to the frenetic music. Joanna loses herself in the moment, feeling the heat of Michael’s ripped body radiate into hers. She flushes in ecstasy. She barely realizes as Michael spins her through the pulsing lights toward the door.

Michael 3 200x300 Exploring Miami With a Male EscortFor a more relaxed atmosphere to wind the evening down, they head over to the elegantly titled, “James Club.” Nestled in oceanfront property, the lounge bar is an ideal place to unwind and reflect. After a few drinks, they stroll the beach hand in hand, listening to the waves gently lap upon the shore. Joanna has never felt more relaxed. She leans into Michael as they walk, and he puts his arm around her shoulder. They stop to admire the moon, the steamy night air like a blanket. As Joanna looked into Michael’s eyes, the evening heat rose around them and everything else faded away.

Joanna wiped the sleep from her eyes as she tried to adjust to the daylight and wake up. Michael had breakfast ready and tells her she needs to get ready for a day of sightseeing. The spent time touring the Wynwood Arts District, which was absolutely fascinating. Street art on display in an organized fashion with cafes and walls and walls of murals. It’s a neat concept that is constantly evolving. After a quick stroll through some of the shops in town, they went to Coconut Grove’s “The Grove Spot” for breakfast. They needed the nourishment after their activities last night and this morning.

As Joanna settled into her seat for the flight home, she felt more relaxed than she had in quite a while. Nothing like some one-on-one time with a Cowboy to recharge the spirits.  Michael was just what she needed!  She would definitely have to find her way to Miami again for another rendezvous with him. She was already tingling with anticipation about it.