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The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion

The Art of an Interlude With a Male Companion As a famous art dealer, Sarah traveled the world regularly to meet with independent collectors, businesses and prestigious hotels. Her name is at the top of the list in all the right circles and revered by international art directors worldwide. But as much s she is […]

Dreams Become Reality With a Male Escort

Dreams Become Reality With a Male Escort As women, we continue to prove time and time again that we are powerful. We are capable of mastering different roles, negotiating hurdles galore, and constantly navigating uncharted territory. We work hard, play hard, love hard and invest ourselves in everything we do. “Girl Power” is alive and […]

Finding New Hope With a Male Escort

Experienced as she was with relationships and meeting men, Serena found herself facing many lonely nights since her breakup nearly a year ago. Even the most amicable of divorces are emotionally and financially taxing, especially after so many years. Needless to say, Serena’s life had been in a bit of a quandary for a while […]

Get Your Male Strippers Here

We know you know how handsome, educated, and charming our Cowboys are one-on-one, but did you know they are multi-talented and can double as Male Stripper entertainment for a group, too? That’s right ladies. If you’re not ready to take the plunge for a private session, why not call on us to help with your […]

Exploring Miami With a Male Escort

Joanna closed her portfolio as she looked across at her clients. This was her moment, and she breathed evenly as she took it all in.  After six long months brokering this deal, everything was complete. They had just signed the documents making their IT partnership official, and both companies would gain a great deal in […]